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Below is a list of the application types that you can lodge online.

Please select the required type and click the Next button to continue.
Pre-Transfer InspectionArrange for an Environmental Health Officer to conducted an inspection of a premises before a lease agreement or business contract is signed.
New Food BusinessApply here for any works to a food business
Nature Strip Planting 
Classified Tree Register 
Pre-application adviceRequest advice about a proposal before an application is lodged. A written response is provided within 15 business days.
Freedom of InformationPlease note: the FOI process facilitates access to documents, not ’information’. As such, your request must be sufficiently clear to enable Council to locate documents. If you require any assistance in ensuring your request is clear, contact Council’s FOI officer at foi@gleneira.vic.gov.au
Request for Adjoining Owners Details in accordance with the Fences Act 1968